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Kong Summit 2022

As a Kong partner, Bravenn was lucky enough to travel at San Francisco to the annual Kong Summit, where the entire Kong ecosystem (about 500+ attendees) gathered late September 2022.

Here below some of the highlights of the two-day conference.

API are eating Software

First, Augusto Marrietti (, Kong CEO and co-founder talked about the API market and how APIs are indeed eating Software. They are now the essentiel bricks of the digitalisation of our world and Kong is the heart of this revolution. Customers such as Nasdaq, Siemens, Verifone, Miro, etc. use Kong every day to manage million, billion and even trillion of API calls. In fact, Kong manages 10 trillion of calls every month, so 17 times more than Nexflix !

Kong 3.0 is out

Next Reza Shafii (, VP of Product, presented Kong 3.0 release and the many new features (including OpenTelemetry, Secrets Management, Websockets)

And let's not forget Konnect !

Kong Konnect (Control Plane in the Cloud) can be hosted in USA or in Europe and is fast becoming the flag ship of Kong. All products will be soon embedded within Konnect. Kong is investing heavily in the roadmap of Konnect to support more features while being extremely simple to configure. Bravenn was actually mentioned as the first integrator in Europe who implemented the first Konnect project.

Amazing customers testimonial

We listened many great testimonials included HSBC, Ikea, Engie, SEB, Uber, Sky. If we focus on HSBC, Jen Goodison (, CTO Engineering Platforms, talked about empowering collaboration across business units and improving HSBC’s developer experience while managing with Kong, up to 15,000 APIs.

The number of customers of Kong is getting longer every day and we are looking forward to discovering many more use cases in Kong Summit 2023 !

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