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Cloud Marketplaces

B2B Cloud Marketplaces are the best way to develop your technology and business. Like any market, it is the place where your products meet your customers.


Everybody knows about Amazon online store and has ordered goods on it. We enjoy the user experience and the reliable services. What about if you could sell your software application or your own Intellectual Property (IP) the same way? It is exactly what B2B Cloud Marketplace are for.


Public B2B Cloud providers such Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure or Google GCP offer such marketplaces.  Also other great PaaS / SaaS solutions such as Salesforce and ServiceNow are tremendous platforms to build your app upon them and sell it through their marketplaces which are Salesforce AppExchange and ServiceNow Store.


By partnering with them, your business can leverage their:

  1. Brand

  2. Global presence

  3. Customer base

  4. Growth

  5. Trust

  6. Deployment

  7. Innovation

  8. Ecosystem

  9. Agility


It is a unique opportunity for your business. Talk to Bravenn, we are here to help you grow your business.

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