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Neosec Recognized As Leader In GigaOM Radar For API Security

Solution Automatically Discovers All APIs and Uncovers Fraud and Abuse Through Business APIs

Neosec the pioneer in discovering and identifying API threats using behavioral analytics, today announced that it has been recognized as a fast-moving leader in the 2022 GigaOM Radar for API Security. Neosec combines automated, comprehensive and continual API discovery with automated behavioral analytics to uncover potential fraud, abuse or misuse being conducted through business APIs. Neosec also provides an API investigation and threat hunting capability or service.

Most companies have connected customers, partners, suppliers and other third parties to their core business systems, data and resources through the use of business APIs. While these APIs provide greater business efficiency, transparency, speed and seamless interaction, they also can be used for malicious, criminal and other unintended purposes. Most companies are blind to these activities until after the damage has been done.

“With the stakes of API fraud and abuse so far beyond other security threats, we have provided a new approach to safeguard the use of business APIs and the exposure faced by companies today", said Giora Engel, co-founder and chief executive officer, Neosec. "We are pleased to be recognized as a leader in the GigaOM Radar and to see continually growing momentum for our unique approach.”

Recently, Neosec was named a 2022 Gartner® "Cool Vendor" in Application Security as well as being selected as one of 10 finalists for the RSA Conference 2022 Innovation Sandbox Contest. Neosec was also selected as an Excellence Award finalist in the Best Emerging Technology category for the 2022 SC Awards. Security professionals are recognizing that internal business systems are becoming exposed without measures to monitor and protect their use.

Rather than focusing only on vulnerabilities involved with APIs, the Neosec platform addresses the problem by first automatically and continually identifying all APIs a company has in use. The platform evaluates these APIs for risk posture and monitors for user behavioral anomalies that could indicate data theft or other misuse. Most companies lack a complete and up-to-date API inventory, and fewer understand the nature of normal API usage. Even fewer have the ability to monitor their APIs to mitigate loss or detect abuse of business processes, financial assets and data within their APIs.

The 2022 GigaOM Radar on API Security can be obtained directly from GigaOM.

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